Spiritual Capital Wealth We Can Live By

by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall
The world as we know it today is one based on the bottom line. Self-interest, short-term gain and isolantionist thinking dominate much of our business-led culture. The long-term consequences of this approach are potentially very damaging.

Zohar and Marshall have a different scenario to present in Spiritual Capital. They envisage a new business culture driven by fundamental values and a sense of purpose in which wealth is accumulated to generate a profit while also working for the common good. They take concepts like Corporate Social Responsibility a quantum leap forward by bringing in the values of Spiritual Capital,focused on stakeholder value where the stakeholders are the human race and the planet itself.

Spiritual Capital sets the ultimate goal to western economies of achieving a sustainable capitalism and explains the tools that are needed for this: three types of capital (material, social and spiritual) and three kinds of capital (IQ or rational intelligence, EQ or emotional intelligence and SQ or spiritual intelligence).
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